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Art of Digital

Hiro Furuya - Development Manager -


Hiro is participating in the most significant international project every day, such as the 2018 world cup official song, Cinema soundtrack, and many hit songs worldwide. So he has contract 15 as an endorser. He worked with Yundi Li, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Berliner Philharmonie, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel.


Hiro's Music Production is making of typical newest generation sound that particular sonic is constructed by his newest philosophy, skills, and high-quality piece of gears. He has produced a sound a lot of renowned artists from classical orchestras to rock stars, therefore he is able to make sensibility and transparent sonic by his 14 years experiencing. Why is Hiro having the newest and the highest peak of gears and knowledge? Because Hiro is receiving support from high-quality equipment manufacturers and endorsers due to the result of his sprite of inquiry.

Regarding the development of plugins, thanks to the a lot of his experience and knowledge for music production, finally he could achieved to make plugin effectors which go beyond hard gear (outborad effectors). All of analog outboards have good points but they also have some cons points. They can add unique saturation and tonal changing into the music but they also adds non-negligible noises and phase shift problems. We also want to have effects which can add more agressive expression so we need to solve these problems for a long time and with this development of plugins, and we did it.

All of FinalEffect plugins have original sound engines which is developed with his experience for music production and expert programmers and that's why we achieved to make our innovative plugin effectors.

Adam Wilson - Programming Director -


Adam is an experienced music producer and software engineer with over 20 years of experience especially, he is outstanding as a JUCE professional programmer.  He has been working in the audio software industry since 2016, and he now runs CodeGarden where he leads software teams to deliver audio software projects to clients. He also runs Node Audio, which released their first plugin in 2022, Entonal Studio.   



DSP Engineer

from United States



DSP Engineer

from England



Backend Engineer

from Nigeria



Backend Engineer

from Sweden




from half-British and half-Japanese



GUI Desiener

from Germany



Customer Support & Tester

from Singapore



Customer Support & Tester

from Japan

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